Students trained at our centre are either successfully pursuing their own business or are employed with multi-national companies like Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony, BPL, Thomson, Haier, TATA, Motorola etc.
Successful MrTechnoBaba students can opt to become assisted Self-employed, by enrolling to become a MrTechnoBaba. As a MrTechnoBaba self-employed the chances to succeed increases a 100 fold because of the following support:

•    Complete know-how provided to set up, manage and systematically run your own unit.
•    Right to display MrTechnoBaba sign board.
•    Advantage of displaying your Certificate.
•    Exclusive rights to purchase reliable and tested parts.
•    Free technology upgrades and updates by way of regular workshops, seminars and class room instructions.
•    Supply of equipment, parts and components at lower rates then open market.
•    Free latest Repairs (freeware) Software/ Low Cost diagnosis software researched and tested by MrTechnoBaba competent Research and Development team.
•    Free email/ phone/ onsite support.
•    Facility to get repaired complex jobs at Head Office/ Branches.
•    Opportunity to receive repair job works from Head Office/ Branches.
•    Facilitation to migrate from Self-employment to Job and vice versa to suit your career goal.

Please visit our centres to meet our student advisors for more information on how to become a MrTechnoBaba.

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